Below are lots of wonderful testimonials of people who have read the book, been through our programs, worked with our coaches, and experienced the results.

"'You must change your life' Rilke famously said. Among a multitude of books on empowering the self, The Power to Transform truly stands out. Written with grace, clarity, intelligence, and compassion, it's full of distinctions, insights, and exercises that have the power to radically change the course of your life. I recommend it highly and without reservation."

Richard Ogle
Author of Smart World: Breakthrough Creativity and the New Science of Ideas (Harvard Business School Press, 2007)

"This book gets inside you from the onset. The author speaks from experience and knows what it is you are likely to gloss over as you swallow another book on business. Chris Majer works with champions so he expects that kind of dedication from the reader. He then goes for the core of what makes a difference in consistent improvement. If you are ready for deep change take the journey."

Lt. Col. Jim Channon

US Army (ret) Global Visionary and Strategic Designer

"Chris Majer led the team that trained the units in the organization I commanded. Observing the dedication, skill and empathy the training team showed to unit members and there families was awe inspiring. It changed their lives. Chris has carried that spirit, effort, and thought into the Power to Transform. If you follow the road map he has laid out it will change the way you approach life. "

Ken Getty

US Army (ret)

"This book is refreshingly clear and approachable, direct, practical, and sensitive to the human frailties which stand in the way of our learning how to access and embody our untapped capacity to reshape our lives. Thank you Chris, "The Power to Transform" arrived at the magical moment when my commitment to learning finally outweighs my fears and resistance to doing the practices necessary to creating and embodying the competences for a new way of being in the World."

Mike Wick

Managing Director McGettigan Wick Investment Bankers

"The Power of Transformation is a road map for dramatically enhancing your life force, personal power, magic, effectiveness, beauty, compassion and love. Keep this book with you and LIVE IT!"

Raz Ingrasci

President and CEO Hoffman Institute Foundation

"Chris Majer has written an absolutely brilliant new book that has the capacity to truly transform your life, your work, your sense of yourself, and the whole landscape and fabric of your future. This book is a journey, a process, a brilliant body of distinctions and practices, that will put your hands directly on the levers and dials of your life and give you the true "Power to Transform". Majer draws on his long and deep experience bringing transformation into corporations, empowering extraordinary athletes through transformative practice, and even shifting the very fundamental mindset of the military with his processes, tools, ways of thinking and being,--now making his groundbreaking insights and genius available to all of us through this remarkable book. Buy it, read it, use it, share it with everyone you know. This is a real life changer and you will not be the same after having this book in your hands and its message in your life. A simply breathtaking and timely piece of work."

Lynne Twist

Author of the Soul of Money Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance Philanthropist

"NOT FAIR! I paid HP2 $1 million at Columbia House for organizational and personal transformation and now anyone can acquire these skills for less than $30. Any job candidate who embraces even a few of these transformational practices would be hired on the spot by our company. My sincere thanks to you, Chris, for following through on your commitment to share these powerful strategies for a successful and happy life with more people than HP2 can reach. You are the best."

Scott N. Flanders

CEO Freedom Communications Inc.

"I spent from 1992 - 99 as Chief Executive of The Industrial Society, the largest independent developer of people at work in Europe at that time. It proved to be a profound transformation of an organisation whose members engaged enthusiastically in the process throughout. Very many books on transformation and leadership crossed my desk. Had I been in possession of this excellent work, made so easy to assimilate by the eloquence of Chris's writing style, I would have made it compulsory reading for the whole Society - and its clients beyond."

Tony Morgan

CEO The Industrial Society (ret) Former Governor of the BBC Olympic Medalist - Sailing

"Chris has written an outstanding book that effectively elaborates how to create a powerful alignment of mind , body and spirit to enhance our overall performances. We suffer in our lives and in our working performance when these elements are not in alignment and this book offers a clear simple method to generate both performance and satisfaction."

Mr T.N.Thakur

Chairman and CEO Power Trading Company India Ltd New Delhi , India

"I met Chris Majer two years ago and was impressed with him then. He has spent time in India getting to know our people and our concerns. His book is a powerful tool for any of us who are truly interested in learning how to realize our inherent potential as human beings. I strongly encourage you to read this book and take the lessons in it to heart."

Dr K.G.Karmakar

Managing Director National Bank for Agriculutre and Rural Development Mumbai , India

"In India we are used to hearing about what we should do to become better people, enhance our performance and create a better life four ourselves and our country. Mr Majer goes beyond that and lays out a simple yet powerful process for how it can be done. His approach is new, powerful, and most importantly effective."

Mr Jagdish Capoor

Chairman Bombay Stock Exchange Mumbai , India

"In this age of Talent, the difference one person can make is 
huge. With Chris Majer's guidance, we all have a shot at reinvention 
and confronting our world with new-found buoyancy and resilience."

Nancy K Austin

Co-author A Passion for Excellence

"This book is so real. You can really trust Chris to take you through 
a process of transformation that will work. This is the most complete, practical, and powerful book on the very important subject 
of transformation. I highly recommend it!"

George Leonard

Author The Ultimate Athlete - Editor Look magazine

"Chris Majer is a one of a kind. He's clearly established himself as an innovator and leader in developing human potential. This book is the key to getting your life on track and staying on track. An absolute recommendation!"

Charles Koppelman

Chairman of the Board Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

"As an individual and as a business leader I have experienced how the material in this book truly does have the power to transform your life. Through experiencing this first hand, I have changed my own life. I have also used the material and Chris' teachings in a work environment to deliver measurable business efficiency improvements and to enable my colleagues to transform their own lives - both at work and outside. Chris and his practices have touched many and through working with Chris I feel privileged to know his work and count him as a good friend and mentor.

My advice is to open yourself up to the opportunity of transformation. It is there and you can realise it. When I first met Chris, I had just joined Capital One UK as IT director and had been asked to attend a course. On the first evening, as he was introducing himself and his material, I stood up at the back of the room and declared that I did not want to be there and that I felt the time was an imposition on me personally and caused an impediment to me getting on with my work! Thankfully this extreme cynic was not kicked off of the course in the first hour. Over the next 3 months, my attitude to life transformed because of the material on the course. I realised no one but me was going to take control of my life and that I wanted to take action to tap into my potential. Not only did I step change my performance at work, but I altered the dynamics of my personal life completely and because of that my three kids have had a much happier and focussed mum around them.

This is not a 'one dip in' and then you are done transformation. My transformation continues. I have much to learn! I regularly tap into the material to help me shift my life on a gear. It has not always been a comfortable experience but by facing into what I have found uncomfortable, I have been able to grow as an individual, to be more honest with myself and others and to protect a value I hold dear - my integrity.

Because of my different jobs, I have been in the privileged position as a business leader to help bring transformation to my colleagues. I have worked with Chris several times on this and to great benefit for the organisation and also for the individuals. The power of colleagues recognising the importance of fulfilling on their commitments and of choosing to increase their effectiveness has been a wonderful experience to be part of. It helps stand people in good stead for whatever life events they face. Just over two years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer - Hodgkin's disease. Fortunately my health is now improving. I see myself a truly privileged because of that experience. Life is not a rehearsal and actions do speak louder than words. I know I have potential to achieve still more and I am choosing to take action towards that - and to do that every day. Whatever transformation you are seeking, begin it now - you owe it to yourself. It could bring fun, energy and fulfilment you can't anticipate right now!"

Heather Jackson