• Transformation


    The Power to Transform sets out a powerful process for transformation. The work is designed to enable anyone who is committed to having a new future to easily work their way through a series of structured assignments that will shift their way of being in the world. Some people find that they need a bit more assistance, guidance, or help in the process and for those of you who would like it we are offering you the assistance of some of our coaches.

Without coaching a player is limited to merely honing or incrementally improving an existing level of performance.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are calling themselves coaches and lots of self declared coaching academies churning them out. The danger in this is that the term coaching and the authentic practice of coaching are getting trivialized. In our world coaching is a unique form of relationship and communication that, at it's highest level, can transform the performance and potential of an individual or team. It is an interactive process that enables individuals and teams to see something about their performance that they would otherwise be unable to see. Authentic coaching opens the door to new worlds.

Without coaching a player is limited to merely honing or incrementally improving an existing level of performance. That is what teachers, mentors, or managers do by providing tips and techniques. Real coaching provides a reinterpretation of actions and possibilities so that a quantum shift in results can occur. It is dependent upon a specific type of trust between the coach and the player and has at its foundation a precise set of observing, listening, and speaking skills. It is this specific skill set that our coaches are schooled in and experienced with.

If you would like some expert guidance it is available to you. For $300.00 per month one of our coaches will work with you to guide you in your transformative process. For that fee your coach will review your work on the assignments every other week, provide coaching based on what he/she reads, and help you stay on track. If you are working with a team and would like to have a coach, the fee is $500.00 per month. In this case the coach has more work to do by reviewing all of the team's work and interacting with both the individuals and the team as a whole. If you are interested in having a coach work with you simply click here.