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HP2 offers a corporate option for those companies or organizations that would like to use The Power To Transform for the development of their people.

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Investing in your people is critical

Investing In Your People

As we make our way out of the economic meltdown it is increasingly critical to make an investment in the people that have seen you through the crisis. Every company says that 'People are our most important asset.' Here is a simple and inexpensive way to bring that statement to life. It is a very strong first step in building authentic leadership and management competence and generating a new mood of ambition in your organization. To support your developmental objectives HP2 is making a special offer to corporate or institutional customers. For a flat fee we will customize a company specific web page and a set of implementation assignments that are tailored to your company and your current needs. All you need to do is get your people organized into teams and we will do the rest.

Developmental Programs

Developmental Programs

HP2 offers a series of long-term developmental programs that are designed to shift the performance and culture of an organization by generating new practices for leadership, management, strategic thinking, innovation, and authentic teamwork, and to generate a new mood of ambition, confidence, and trust on the part of your people.

Our 10X Guarantee

Our 10X Guarantee

Our standard programs run for 4-12 months and range in price from $250,000 - $700,000. Our leadership and MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS carry a 10X guarantee. This means that you will get back 10X what you invest in HP2 inside the time frame of our engagement, not at some distant point in the future, or we keep working with you at no extra charge until you do. If you are interested in learning more about these programs please click here.

Program Implementation

We realize that not everyone is prepared to make this level of commitment

As a first or 'introductory' step we are now offering customized corporate programs that are shaped around The Power to Transform. Here is how they work. Your firm pays a flat set up fee of $15,000. For that fee we customize a web page for your people and then spend time with your company executives generating company specific assignments that are added on to the basic work that is contained in the book. You will need to provide each of your participants with a copy of the book (we can provide them for you at a discounted price) and then you will be charged $50 per month for each person participating. For this fee they will have access to the company specific site where they will post their work, interact with their teammates, and get coaching from one of our HP2 coaches. This combination of structure and support has proven to be highly effective. We find that the entire process typically takes 3-6 months depending on how fast your people are willing to work.

The results will be impressive. You will see a big shift in the mood of your organization as the move into genuine ambition. This will in turn produce a jump in productivity, and a desire on the part of your people to learn more. All of this is available for a minimal investment.

Click here if you would like to speak to one of our people about getting started. The process is simple and you can be underway quickly.

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